10 important steps while designing a logo


Any logo that is distinctively designed and carries an idea, goal and a simple and flexible nature is considered one of the most important features of the success of the company, site or project, regardless of its type.

So before we start designing the logo … What are the basic steps to start regardless of the routine things that we read to design the logos (simplicity – and watch the logos of international companies and their ideas … etc) so what I am showing is a simple routine for your style of designing a logo and the way you deal with the customer …

To start with

Make sure if you choose to design a facility logo that they have searched a lot before they choose you, or if no one else finds you in front of them 🙂 Therefore you should bear this responsibility and work professionally because this logo will suit you one day regardless of anything else,

1 -Know the company specialty

Its history, its basic features, its branches are distributed and tried to not leave any small or large related to the company except be aware of it and do not forget to collect its old publications and designs in case it was an old company.
2- Sit down with the administrator

Discuss it with his ideas and suggestions about the logo, of course, not necessarily working with it as it is … but to have a background on the director’s mentality, ideas, and what he expects from you.
3- Short time does not mean discrimination

The idea of ​​finishing the logo with 24 hours is completely nullified. The short time means either that the logo is ready from one of the sites or the quality of work does not mean you and does not mean the company official.
4- Don’t underestimate your prices …

And do not ask for a random price without studying, and do not make your discussion of the price impossible. Be flexible and convey to him your point of view, your love for work, and your interest in it when he refuses your price forever … Carry your things and shake hands without hatred and go to the garden and rethink the conversation that took place and learn from your mistakes … And complete the following steps.
5- Before starting the design

Collect all the company information, format and arrange it, search on the internet for similar companies, and try to collect some ideas and format them in folders and start applying your ideas and perceptions in a way that is far from imitation in a simple and uncomplicated way.
6- Don’t kill creativity

The most important point in your work is not to copy from another company or similar company and never imitate … One day this tradition will be revealed and it will be a black point in your creative history … innovate, then innovate and then innovate … even if in a simple style, and little by little your style will develop and become professional and others will imitate you.
7- During your work

(It is preferable to work on more than one idea) Try to organize a visit to the company and present to the official some of the forms that you worked on, as it may cancel an idea completely and give you some notes … This topic will benefit you so that your work is not lost in vain.
8- Have you finished the design?

Make sure that the work you did liked you first, also try to consult some of the friends or designers around you, one of them may benefit you with a certain thing and have a different perspective from your personal perspective then organize (I mean the word systems: i.e. that your visit to the company with a prior and scheduled date) visit to the company Show it to the manager and discuss it with your thoughts and ideas.
9- When an amendment is requested

(Rarely do you find someone who totally loves your business) Focus what your customer wants completely and deal with his modifications smoothly and flexibly, and at the same time do not make him believe that he owns you forever or can ever amend.
10- One last step

In the end, display the logo on your personal website or one of the Arab or foreign sites, discuss the members and designers with their opinion on it and carry criticism and use it as a way to develop yourself so that you do not make mistakes again and develop your style and skills

In the end, do you find these steps correct and useful, or are they secondary steps?
Dispense with them and rely on experience only …

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