10 keys to get new customers with Social Media


If you work in the field of marketing, of course, you will know that in order to make a person lean or love a specific product, you must show him the experiences of other people with this product and love it, so social media is one of the most powerful marketing methods ever.

Social signs are a phenomenon through which we get to the right forms of behavior based on the number of people who do it around us.
There are 6 basic types of marketing with Social Media:

 You can take experts in the industry that you offer your audience as a social guide, which imitate the users or customers that you target, because the presence of these experts in the product or service makes them recommend the use of the product or service and gives you more questions about what you offer to your target groups and the ability to answer them.

On social media, there are many famous personalities who use the product or service you provide, and these are actors, athletes, politicians, and public figures.

They are the group of existing users of your service or product, who share their experiences with your brand, and recommend others to purchase the product or use the service you provide.

Consensus on the product

 This type of social evidence is based on the idea of ​​a large number of people standing behind your brand, such as having millions of followers on your brand’s social media accounts.

Friends consensus
 When you find your friends benefit from a specific product or service, this increases the value of this product or service you have, and this may happen by watching your friends use the brand directly or by watching you interact with the product or service on social media.
Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we do not know how to behave, so we return to the people around us whether they are family, friends or even celebrities with whom we do not have a personal relationship, but we trust in their tastes, and these people are more familiar with the situation than us, so once you build For a location appropriate to the nature of your business, you should try placing these social guides on Social Media to expand your customer base.

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