3D printing specialties


This specialization can be classified as the Department of Art and Design. However, it is necessary to mention the specializations that 3D printing provides:

Medicine – Medicine.



Arts and Design.


Education – Education.

The goals that three-dimensional printing is used in these fields abound, as it can be used in medicine to diagnose diseases and print the fetus, for example, in order to detect diseases and distortions early, if any. It is used in robotics to shape robot structures, etc. It is also used in architecture, through the establishment of projects and miniature models, in addition to the possibility of making beautiful artifacts in the field of art. Astronauts also use 3D printing to produce and manufacture spacecraft parts, and this specialization in education is also applied. It plays a major role in facilitating the educational process.

3D printing is not only limited to these areas, it also includes entertainment such as garment making, jewelry, accessories, toys, and food.

Printing techniques and methods differ in different printers and their types, and this printing is classified into the following categories:

Print using optical polymerization.

Raster printing.

Adhesive printing.

Printing using thermal softening.

Printing with printing powder.

Print with slides.

Electric power printing.

What are the types of 3D printers?

Optical printers.

Laser printers.

Build printers by molten precipitation.

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