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Every person working in any field, whether programming, video making, montage, writing or blogging, and not only the designer needs creative sources that help him find solutions to the problems he faces or needs sources of inspiration, and since our topic is devoted to designers, all creative designers around the world use accessories Pictures, icons, fonts, colors, and other tools that help build a creative design with a good idea, most of what everyone does is go to the search engine maker Google solutions and write for example “PSD” the results are mostly unsatisfactory, or most are driven so that he cannot benefit From it, many people tend to enter Google images and find an image that works, but this is not appropriate for a professional graphic designer who builds the path of success for himself and his designs; That is why many companies have created many sites for graphic designers to reference them in finding the pictures and accessories they need in their designs.

In this article, my designer friend, we tried to find a solution to this severe problem and wrote for you a list containing the most important sources for downloading design accessories; That’s why you have to take advantage of our article page and save it to your favorites to be your reference for every design. Now you don’t need long introductions, and let’s start showing the treasures of our article.

The best sources of inspiration for designers

A giant website belonging to the famous Adobe company specializing in graphics and editing programs, through which you can create an interactive business exhibition and see the works of top designers and photographers from all over the world and see the trading and the latest developments in the graphic world.
Pinterest : Pinterest is not just a search engine for recipes or a “Pen” for your dream room photos or just a weak social media site, and for those who don’t know Pinterest has almost the best image search engine on the Internet! It is even better than the Google Image Search Engine which unfortunately no longer satisfies most creators in obtaining creative images, the next time you want to search for inspiration for your designs I advise you to visit it before any other site.
dribble: Dribble is also a great community for designers from around the world in which you can view your work and browse the work of others, what distinguishes this platform is its creative community and great interaction but unfortunately very limited to the free membership, and to get all the features of the site you have to subscribe to the paid platform but the free platform Most often.
Instagram: Every designer must have an Instagram account because of the features it holds, whatever your taste or vision, you will find on Instagram what you like, once you follow the most important hashtags and accounts that are popular in the field you will become aware of all its developments, also contains a great feature that enables you to save all the photos that Inspire you and make your own “modboard”.
Awwwards: It is a competitions platform specialized in web design and user interfaces, in which a large number of designers compete to produce the best ideas and most creative designs, I do not ask you my friend to enter these competitions but you can monitor the latest innovative designs and take inspiration from them which is my favorite destination for inspiration for designs The web also has a search feature that enables you to filter your search and find exactly what you’re looking for.

The best sources of fonts for designers

Google Fonts: Google fonts come to the fore when we search for free fonts The site is very special, and contains more than 830 family of fonts, the site is more dedicated to web designers because it provides secure fonts for all uses, and what distinguishes the site is that all Fonts have open source -open-source- you can use them wherever you want.
Dafont: It is a popular and well-known site to download the different fonts for free, the site is characterized by its classification system, which makes it easy for the designer to bother searching, as it provides him with an easy way to search for fonts for different projects, but his only problem is that the fonts contained in the site are mostly unlicensed, i.e. it is suitable For personal use only, and only a few lines have licenses.
FontSpring: A paid fonts website that provides you with a large number of families of the most distinctive fonts and is considered one of the best font stores on the web, also the site provides you with some free fonts from these families that you can use in your projects.
Fontsly: Another free website that provides you with a very large variety of fonts except for Sans serif or Script fonts. You will find many options on the site, the only problem is the same problem as the previous site that the fonts are only allowed for personal use or there are free fonts for commercial use But it is not much.

The best sources of accessories for designers

Freepik: I thought you were expecting me to have this site at the top of the list. Freepik is the most popular site for downloading design extensions as it has the largest search engine for creators so you can find images, vector files or open source Photoshop files, all of this. Free on the site with the ability to subscribe to a paid membership that gives you countless benefits.
(PNGtree): A very useful website that contains more than a million open source files and PNG images. The creators of this site want to create the largest source of PNG images in the world as a service for professional designers and everyone who has design skills, you can browse and download from them for free, You can visit it and try its features on your own.
(Vecteezy): You can get inspiration from the different branches of the site and download thousands of daily open source designs designed by top designers from all over the world. A distinguished site that we recommend you to try.
(Flaticon): A website belonging to the company Freepik, which enables you to enter more than a million icons divided into several Packs to facilitate your reach, and you can also browse the best collections that occur every month. Nice and simple … you have to put it in your design sources.
(Vexels): a strong site like the previous sites specializing in Vectors, the site is easy to use, as this site has a very useful blog about design and ways to use open source files if you are interested, of course, most of the pictures on the site are available for free and without a license.

The best image sources for designers

(Pixabay): It has a very large base of high-quality images that will help more marketers and creators of content due to its greater focus on images related to business and marketing than any other website, what distinguishes it is that with the images it provides, it also offers you a large library of Victorian pictures and drawings.
(Pexels): This site has the best formations of images on the Internet from my point of view, the site is a community of photographers, each photographer can upload his photos on it with a condition that is distinguished by original and creative high-quality images and is the number one destination for anyone looking for high images Quality and free.
(Unslpash): The site has a database of millions of high-quality images from photographing more than 50,000 creative photographers, of course not a strong competitor for paid sites but it will give you better quality compared to other sites
(Dreamstime): The site started more than 15 years ago as a small site for downloading photographs, to become a pioneer in the field and the largest photographic community in the world with more than 30 million users. The site provides you with more than 130 million royalty-free photos .
(Stockvault): Another strong site for uploading high-quality images that may contain half of what Unsplash offers from groups, but it contains new daily additions. The site also has a good and organized search engine that makes it easy for you to search.

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