As a graphic designer: How to market yourself in the job market?


Really the beginnings are the most challenging thing, when did you tell me about the beginning with something new that tells you the frustration and difficulties that we will be exposed to, and you as a new graphic designer on the professional scene you hardly know how to get the first offers in your services … you do not know how to impose yourself and your capabilities on the market Fierce work in the world of designers, in fact you need to know that you are not the inventor of the field in which you work, also you are not the only designer in the labor market, but you have many competitors around the world and not only in your region, so you need what distinguishes you from all these competitors to convince Companies that you are the right designer for their business, or if you work on the Internet, the competition here is more challenging to convince customers that you are a designer than you would like to buy your services, and since I have gone through that challenging experience at the beginning of my way to work on the Internet I know very well how difficult it is to impose Yourself in the job market and to get your first request, so that you do not go through these difficulties, I offer you my friend, the designer, several practical advice in order to market yourself in the job market and gain reputation in the field of designers to increase the opportunity to obtain customers.

Let the internet talk about you.

Digital presence is a significant thing for you, my designer friend. First of all, your Portfolio is your customer interface. Don’t tell me that you are an accomplished designer, but show me designs to make sure of it. This principle applies in the job market Do not convince the customer that you do not have An example of design without seeing your designs, so my friend, the designer, you have to make the Internet talk about you by creating different accounts on many platforms such as the Behance and Dribble and being on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, especially Instagram, on the personal side I see it as a distinct platform for all designers because of its The simplicity of its focus is also on displaying more visual content than writing. It is directed to every creative designer to spread his creations. Also, don’t forget to use the different hashtags for the appearance of your designs when searching using these words.

Be yourself be special

Each of us has something that sets it apart from others in your field, but very few know how to take advantage of what distinguishes it. Still, some of you know what distinguishes it does not take advantage of it properly, you have my friend, the designer, a strong mark in your designs that may determine your fame among graphic designers, you maybe passionate Really by designing logos, drawing digital, or perhaps building business identities, you should take advantage of that, do not dive into a field of them because someone has earned huge sums of money from it, you put your fame in the hands of those around you; Therefore, it is important that you know what distinguishes you and then work on developing it and you will only be able to know it through experience. I really advise you to try different areas of designs until you find your passion to be yourself to excel!

Learn the art of negotiation

The language of speech, negotiation, persuasion, and influence is one of the main factors to make the customer choose your services away from your competitors. Currently, the percentage of supply has become more than the demand in the labor market, once a customer in freelancing sites writes about his need for a logo or cover, for example, we are within Minutes, we find dozens of comments heaped on his post, and you, in turn, take the initiative to get a job opportunity, many offers may come to you, but your selection rate is feeble compared to other service providers this is because you did not learn the art of negotiation, as negotiation in work includes several things under it Firstly, negotiate for money, then negotiate for time, then persuade the client that you are different from others with the appropriate language of dialogue, even if you are not a professional designer, all of these skills can bring you excellent job opportunities.

Build your relationships, keep your customers

Relationships are essential things in the job market; whether you are in the real world or working in the virtual world, it can give you more opportunities to get new clients or maintain your customers. You have to keep in mind the friend of my designer if you work on the Internet in particular that the return Physical is not everything. Still, you direct your creativity to your interests (put this in your mind), meaning that you can benefit from every customer of you when you finish your service to make him a regular customer to you, this person that you have become with you and a strong relationship when he wants a new design, you are the first person You would think, if a friend asked him about an accomplished graphic designer, then your name would be the first name on his mind. Thus you would acquire marketing indirectly without making any effort from you.

Learn from your competitors

Learning from competitors and analyzing their work is very important. Analyzing competitors’ work makes you able to enter the labor market, and you are familiar with all of their strengths and learn from them and their weaknesses and avoid them. Also, try to get to know other designers like you and enter into friendship. This will make you likable among them as well. If someone comes to a design proposal and will not be able to do his work, it may recommend it. Also, you have to let the market aside and get to know the designers in your field. This will inform you about everything new in your area and the job market. Designers’ wages are agreed upon by all designers, so in the latter, learning from competitors is not a defect but rather a way to develop yourself!

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