How do you get ideas for your next designs?


We all realize that the field of design is a creative field, a new area that never stops and does not settle at a certain point; it is always evolving and progressing. New design ideas are among the most challenging things for novice and seasoned designers; sometimes my designer friend may come to a complete stop in mind from being able to design or open the program to start work, it may develop into embarrassing situations where they fall when the customer asks you to design Logo, for example, and with your mind, there is no idea that you can implement. Therefore you will not be able to reach creativity. Your problem here, my friend, is an inspiration. It is a problem of many not only designers but programmers and creators of content and any based on creative work, as we know that getting the idea is always More difficult to implement, the idea is 75% of the design; That is why my friend, the designer, has decided to flirt with my keyboard to take you on a few minutes trip, in which I ask you several practical and powerful ways to get ideas for your next designs to reach creativity every time, so there is no need for long introductions, and let’s start directly displaying the folds and hidden things of our topic!

Sources of inspiration have a significant role

We also mentioned that the main problem is getting inspiration. Perhaps many designers confuse the concepts of inspiration and creativity. Still, there is a big difference between them, so the inspiration is to get the same idea, you might get it when you see something you see daily that you might get from a painting or a picture on a site and others, then we say that this design was inspired by such. Creativity appears in the implementation to produce that inspired idea in the best possible image, with the progress that we see you can be inspired by anything, you may draw inspiration from pictures in a book or newspaper or banner advertising in the street and the way that Mostly followed by new follow-up designers’ sites in which many designers offer their work (Behance, Dribble and designspiration), so my designer friend you have to save many sites in your browser Bookmark and see the new designers that you like.

Paper and pen are the source of ideas

I am a fan of the paper and the pen very much, whenever I need to reflect and move away from all the technology surrounding me and return to the paper and the pen, and whatever technology advances us, the paper and the pen will keep their special luster, so when you start in a specific design … start unpacking everything in your mind On paper, make drawings of your design ideas, if you are going to design text try writing the word and then try to move a letter or put a shape, it is all very important until you get an idea for your design, try to be relaxed about thinking about the paper and the pen, no You sit in a place filled with the noise of cars and screaming children, but rather sit in a quiet place, preferably in nature until you clear your mind and move the muscles of your creativity.

Mind maps are very effective

Mind maps go into almost everything to organize your thoughts, increase your ability to think, and give you creativity, and I think you can use it in almost everything, even the article you are reading now has been created with a mind map; So, my friend, the designer, you have to make emptying your ideas into a map and asking yourself several questions first: Will you depend on your design on the image or a word indicating the design or will you use the text and image in the design? So, what is the appropriate color for the design (does it suit light or dark colors), or will you use more than one color in the design, will you use such or such? By making this mind map, many of your ideas will flow, which will give you a new and special style in your design to give you the ability to create a creative design.

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