How to print on clothes


Printing on clothes using paper

Printing on shirts or tops can be done using custom paper by following these steps:

Purchase custom paper for printing on clothes.

Choose the image to be printed on the clothes and save it on the computer.

Print the image on The paper.

Cut the image and clean the paperless parts and get rid of them using a ruler and a knife, to keep the image only.

Clean a hard surface, such as a table, and then put a cotton pad on it that is sufficient to cover the area of the piece of clothing that has been chosen to be printed on.

Place the paper on the piece of clothing and then use the iron that was set on preparing the cotton to print the image on it.

Iron the paper well, and press firmly for 30 seconds to several minutes, according to the instructions on the paper for printing.

Leave the piece of clothing to dry for at least a few minutes until it reaches room temperature and then the paper is removed from it, and the image printed on it is seen.

Printing on clothes using a stencil

Printing on shirts or tops can be done using the stencil by following these steps:

Buy the stencil from the places designated for selling it. Buy acrylic paint, and custom ink can be bought for clothes.

Wash the garment before printing on it, to ensure that it does not shrink afterward.

Cover a flat surface with a cover so that it does not get dirty, and then put the piece of clothing straight on it, free from wrinkles.

Place the stencil on the part of the dress.

Put the ink in a container and then roll the paint roller several times into it to be immersed in the ink.

Coating the piece of clothing in a consistent manner with filling the entire design, taking care not to apply ink outside of the stencil.

Remove the stencil from the cloth and wait for it to dry.

Iron the garment piece after placing a clean piece of cloth on the printed image to install it.

Printing on clothing using cylinders

One of the methods of printing on clothes is the use of specialized cylinders engraved on the surface of deep and different designs, and they are dipped in a dye specially prepared for them, then these cylinders are used to print different shapes on the clothes.

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