How to smartly market yourself and your designs in 10 ways


There is no primary or sole factor for success. It is not dependent on the extent of your creativity in your designs, works, professionalism, or speed only, but there is an important part. The most important part in your success maybe, dependent on your marketing yourself, your flexibility and your creativity in this matter, and the sensitivity of this point is that Flexible to the extreme, so that if you give yourself the absolute comfort of publishing and talking about yourself and your work with exaggeration or adolescence with the “pretense of marketing” you will enter into the stage of banality and this will appear to people greatly, even if you publish a work every four years; In order not to give the previous vulgar image, you will have wronged yourself and your work and failed in this aspect.

So is there an intermediate case for the independent marketing of himself, for example, or are there rules for this?

There is no average case, and there are no rules, they differ from one perspective to another. Still, there are points that it is essential to stay away from them or focus on not falling into them so as not to enter the stage of vulgarity. Of course, as usual, what I write from my experience and my opinion, then it is not scientific rules And is based on nothing but experience and knowledge, let’s start.

Do not talk too much:

One of the most critical problems or mistakes that enthusiasts make is to exaggerate the repetition of phrases such as “Wait for a topic for self-employment” or “I am currently working in a quiet cafe on a new creative project.” It was preceding a real, real achievement, but returning it and repeating it much, in meaning and without meaning, renders it unreal and of a positive, momentary effect only; Where people will interact with you on the first day of courtesy, and the second day of sympathy, but then you will become boring, repeat yourself, leave the scene for your accomplishments silently, and do not announce anything until you finish it.

Do not announce anything until you finish it:

Whether it is “a project, a design, a product or even an idea” that you are working on or intending to complete, do not talk about it until you finish it or come close to it in a significant way, then advertising most of the works before completing them loses their luster and enthusiasm. Soon you will find yourself tired of completing them Or end it, and you will fall in the whirlpool of speech without application, and your goal will be an idea, product, or work of talking about it for people only.

 Avoid vulgar marketing:

I had written an article about this topic almost three years ago—marketing ideas from pre-Islamic times. I don’t know how valid and good they are until this day. It might be useful to read them again, but in a nutshell, “drive yourself smartly and honestly” and stay away from cheap, false Fake or unethical work and profession on the pretext of marketing.

 Stay away from teenage work.

Just like the stage, a young man goes through in the prime of life, if you decide, for example, to go into self-employment, that will be great. Still, for yourself and not for people, you do not need to photograph your coffee and your computer every day four times. Your feet are on the table to tell us that you enjoy self-employment, “Of course I do not mean it in general Or that photographing coffee or your diaries and memories is a vulgar or adolescent thing, but it is a beautiful personal thing, and sharing it with people is up to you and pertains to you, and it may be positive for your image and the fact that you have them, “but what I mean here: is the banality by linking the concept of freedom and adolescence to the concept of free work that No more corruption and sabotage needed!

Do not taste for your customers:

Your client is the second person after God has reconciled you, who guarantees that you will continue what you do, and his work with you means that he gave you confidence and distinction from your competitors, that is, you are not the only one in this profession; Therefore, do not deal with any customer with a hawk, evasive, or arrogance, then you will lose his return at that time and any other possible person associated with him, and it is one of the most important marketing methods for your person and your business, and do not boast about publishing any story based on a real or imaginary customer to draw attention to the size of your business and your relationships, be honest about what Take it in front of your customers, and treat them honestly and professionally.

 Creativity with jurisdiction:

You do not fall into the trap of diversity with specializations and fields of work or claiming that and boast about it, on the day you are a programmer. The second is a designer or photographer, and the third is a poet, this matter does not call for pride or pride, but it is the summit of dispersal and confusion, “Of course I speak here about specialization and naming each skill experience Or specialization, “and let you from the theories of creativity represented in diversity and multiplicity of skills. Skill is something you master, not just publication or tweet!

 Honestly convey your life and selfie:

Social networks are tempting, as it is a great way to build a fake image, stay away from amplification and try to reverse an incorrect image about you, and do not exaggerate talking about your business, talk a lot boring, and counterfeiting will appear either now or later, and then even if you try to fix your image with something real you will not be able!

 Work to succeed, not to show off to people:

Do not work to say that you are creative, accomplished, or ingenious, and do not direct yourself. Your actions to children and those who have “wonderful, beautiful, amazing and dazzling” comments, work as you like, and work to succeed and develop and continue. The intention in work is more important than the result, work honestly and sincerely to God bless you.

 Do not imitate do not imitate!

Do not copy the experience of a person or company, nor its name or words, quote, but adjust and add your touch, and do not consider it as competition, there is a difference between competition and climbing, and do not copy so soon you will appear to everyone with the appearance of the teenager in his first professional life. This image is linked to the minds of your customers, And your followers will not be able to erase it as you like.

Thank you to every creative, honest, diligent person who works hard and sincerely, whether he is an employee, an independent or a project owner who believes in him and works on him to succeed or change something in this world even if it is changing himself only, and thank everyone who does not do business with people, so believe me no matter Your work was simple, you are the only person in this world who deserves to succeed, and when you will succeed your success will be real, sustainable, with God’s help, not instant or unworthy .. Thank you from the heart.

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