The 5 best online store platforms to sell your products


E-commerce has become an integral part of our daily life. The rapid development of technology has led to an increase in the need for electronic platforms and stores that can be easily handled to meet the needs of the market. Designing a website or designing a store has become one of the main business pillars at present .. No one hides the e-commerce giant in the Arab world, Souq and Jumia … Also, the site of OLX or Haraj in Saudi Arabia. All of these are successful examples of e-commerce platforms in the Arab world … Let’s start with the best
The most famous electronic store platforms and their features


OpenCart is one of the most popular electronic commerce platforms in the electronic medium, given that it is open source and easy to use and also the availability of additions … The strength of this platform also lies in its own design as it provides you with a lot of options so that you can adjust your store to suit your taste or what suits your need . In addition, it accepts payment through its platform in cooperation with service providers such as Paypal and many others. Opencart, by contrast, is not suitable for supermarkets and does not offer as many advantages as its first competitor, Magento.


This platform is more specialized with companies and large corporations that require a lot of products. This, although it indicates the strength of this platform, but it is not preferred with the middle medium, due to the difficulty of dealing with it compared to opencart. But it also shares with it it is open source and there is a paid version of it for institutions that need technical support. The difficulty of this platform comes in the intensity of the services and features that it provides, which makes it difficult to learn or know all that the platform offers, and also its high price if you wish to use the paid service from it.

Woo Commerce

One of the advantages of this platform is that it comes as an addition to WordPress. Therefore, if you are a WordPress user, you will find ease in installing this add-on and dealing with it … with one of its most famous advantages, which are the analytical services that it provides, which helps to follow up and submit its analysis reports on everything in the store. Hey services can be customized as desired. The Woo Commerce platform also offers a lot of free services like the rest of the platforms, but if you want to customize your site away from the WordPress here, the platform will not be free, and you may also find some difficulties in customizing your store and transferring your content.


This platform is considered one of the easiest and most popular electronic commerce platforms. Because it does not need much time and effort to prepare it, since through a simple monthly subscription you will have an instant store ready to deal directly with customers. There is even a copy for social networking. Although this platform considered it one of the best platforms on the scene, but it is very expensive. This is not considered a good choice at all in the beginnings of creating a new online store.

Big Commerce

They come like their Shopify counterparts, as both depend on their prepaid monthly subscriptions. Almost with the same features and difference here it comes in price and features of customization and extras.

All of these stores represent the perfect solution for any person or organization wishing to design an online store. You have what you can install on your website if it is WordPress like WooCommerece or what gives you the possibility to build your store by providing special tools for that like Shopify and BigCommerce. Magento and opencart are solutions for organizations that want to create a professional store from the start, with magento definitely preferring.

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