The advantages and negatives of 3D printing


The advantages of 3D printing

Easy and adjustable design.

The possibility of designing all the complex figures and designs.

Save time and effort because production cycles are short.

Printing all that cannot be printed by traditional methods of parts, whether they are large or prominent parts overlapping each other.

The ability to save designs in addition to retrieving them.

Facilitating the diagnosis of diseases in medicine.

Making prosthetic parts and prosthetics.

3D printing negatives

Regardless of its positives, it is considered dangerous and consumes a lot of energy, as the study prepared by Loughbrough University indicated that those working in this field spend 50 to 100 times more energy than those working in other fields.

The high cost of 3D printing and the cost of tools and materials used in it.

Limited material used regardless of this printing is one of the most important turning points in the industry.

Printers emit potentially toxic radiation or cause some diseases.

Mainly relying on plastics, and plastics are considered materials that harm the environment and pollute them.

Easily produce sharp materials and weapons where knives and pistols can be made.

Copyright infringement. Thus, any product can be imitated and duplicated.

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