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Book: Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding by David Airey, is one of the few things that I made a pre-order for long before its launch, because I expected the importance and uniqueness of this book and the experience in it, not in terms of Inspirations found in hundreds of books and websites, but from a practical point of view regarding the work style of design studios reviewed by this book, which contain accurate details and practical notes rarely found in books and other places,

Generally this post does not represent a deep look at the book, it is perhaps a quick summary of the book’s content, style, and what you should expect from it. And the key points for that,
The four most important points I liked about this book

– The beginning of one of the wonderful and unique things in this book is that your knowledge will not only be on identity and its details, but also on the experience of the team working with the customer himself, and you will understand the nature of the work of this entity and its method of dealing, in other words the aspect that relates to business and not from the creative side only .

02 – You will also find a clear difference in the methods of work of studios and their diversity, and the difference of each team in a particular style of work, and the way each of them in dealing with the customer or even those details that you rarely hear about, such as pricing, payments, duration of work and others.

03 – Also at the end of each review of an identity, there is a quick review of the key points that relate to the team’s style of work, and perhaps in other words, a summary of his experience and experience, whether in this identity or others, and this part is a wonderful and at the same time it is a summary or a reminder of what I read.

04 – Also, the unique diversity of this book will make you understand the positioning of design studios and their differences, where you will find that some of them are represented by a person or two and some of them operate as Start Up without any restrictions and complications, and you will find other studios that have a clear hierarchy and multiple work teams, and you will find other studios that do not accept any Business Whatever its corporate budget, it studies each project and its compatibility with its vision and identity.

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