Thermal printing project on clothes, mugs, pillows…


Project Idea:
Thermal printing on ready-made clothes such as: robes – T-shirts – magat – robes. Printing on upholstery such as: linens – linens – clothes. Printing on half formed parts such as: strips and printed units. Printing on cups, plates and plates is a printing machine for clothes, cups, shields and plates

Introduction to the project:
Thermal printing on fabric or T-shirt, a technique that is constantly evolving. I must admit, it has long been the opposite bias against thermal printing on textiles such as T-shirts, upholstery, clothing, mugs, mugs … etc. But it is clear that technologies have improved significantly in recent years.
I would like to add that in some cases, this thermal printing process offers many advantages over traditional screen printing on shirts. Therefore, thermal printing will be an interesting option when it comes to reproducing complex images if you do not have access to the experience of preparing for the appropriate color separation, especially when it comes to small printing, and complex shapes.
The situation has improved significantly in recent years, and I am sure that it will continue to evolve in the coming years.
Before we look at the aspects that accompany the thermal printing shop project, my friend invites you first to familiarize yourself with a kind of simple and easy to use thermal printer.
I will share with you a video that shows the method of thermal printing, as it shows you the 8-in-1 thermal printing machine, multi-thermal press, T-shirt printing, printing of armor cap bags, the method is very simple.

The machine consists of 8 molds to help you in multiple printing on many services and ideas
Rectangular template for T-shirt printing and flat materials
Highly accurate (boaters) caps
A template for the cup, which is several templates that helps you print on more than one shape for the slim cups from the bottom or the wide from the bottom
Two templates in small and large sizes, which are dedicated to printing commemorative dishes and chocolate plates.

Thermal printing project requirements

     8-in-1 thermal printing machine
     Sublimation printer
     Sublimation paper
     Sublimation ink

The image, logo, or design is printed on the paper with a plumpion printer, then the printed paper is placed on the material and placed in the machine, and the appropriate time is set, and the image will be heat transferred to the material intended to be printed on.

If you open a thermal printing store, your first goal is to make yourself a well-known name based on creating a bond of trust. Therefore, introducing your store and the service you provide at launch is essential and you will need to invest in well-targeted months and not those random advertising campaigns that do not target the potential customer, and we invite you, my friend, my friend, to rely on these means to build a targeted advertising campaign:

    I stress the work of advertising campaigns funded on Facebook addressed to the people involved in your products.
    A local newspaper,
    Loyalty card, etc …

Going forward, I have selected sites and articles that may help you a lot in developing your project. Thermal printing on T-shirts, mugs, furnishings, magazines … etc.
First I propose to you this site to buy all the requirements of the project – everything you will need you will find it here in addition to excellent customer service, where I previously spoke with their support center and they answered all my questions and provided me with a set of information

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