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Design trends are very important in our field, and their importance is not related to the extent of “your match for fashion and the coolness that will characterize it” as in real life, but your interest and your constant knowledge of it and your knowledge of it or even your experience in it is related to your continuity in your entire field, it is illogical for example to send For your customer a design in which you use a pattern of five years or more, and yes someone may say that some patterns do not disappear “or disappear and then return”, but the idea here is that their return is developed, different, and appropriate to the time period that you return with,

Before I started blogging, it is important to clarify that most of these trends and to speak on them is from my point of view and vision, and I did not single out a specific field for them “for example logos,” and my reliance on this list was primarily based on “Dribbble” as the true expression of the word “directions” Or Trends “In my opinion, the source is Drepel, as it is perhaps a place for trial and quick presentation, and not for the presentation of complete revised works such as Behans,”

Also, most of these directions could not reach a clear expression of its name, and this made me use the word “or” a lot, so if I felt a shiver of the name then try to ignore the matter and do not close the blog, also describing each approach may not necessarily be limited to what I remember, but I express the idea Public only in it,

1- Gifs

Whether it be in logos, emails that we are beginning to enjoy with the vitality that this style has added to it, or in these simple movements of Landing Pages or even in application interfaces and parts that have become an existing world in itself, but rather a full field of work for some designers,

This trend or trend may not be emerging today, but the sequence that has passed has brought it to a stage of development and simplicity to become one of the most difficult, most distinguished and magnificent trends.

2- Free 2D Illustration

Whether human figures, places, devices or even interlocking forms, this pattern is one of the patterns that began to spread from last year, characterized by its light and attractive colors that come to life, and its free forms that make a specific drawing or image inaccurate or realistic and sometimes even do not carry rules Physical or engineering,

Sometimes a simple movement is added to this pattern, as in the previous trend, so we get a wonderful mix of simplicity and creativity, and the current use of this pattern is seen in the user interfaces and application explanations in the first place, and maybe emails or social networks as well,

03 – Simple Packaging or Single Color Label

You will find it largely in the covers of products “tea, medical products or creams, etc.”, and the basic description for it is simplicity in display, such as writing the product name with a simple drawing or expressive lines in one or two colors and on a label or white Label with light lines and some product information below,

This pattern may fall under Minimalism as a concept, especially with its excessive and beautiful clarity, but at the same time it gives you a feeling of the high or official cost, and often when used in products and packaging, the real dependence on the shape of the physical case is more than the print or visual aspect of the Label or the sticker.

04 – Duplicate Patterns, Shapes or Pattern Style

As before, this trend may be the primary pattern in packaging and packaging, and certainly not the new direction also in the world of design, but we see this period a major return to its adoption in product packaging, and it is one of the patterns that gives a sense of elegance and excellence, and the products that use this method in Their packaging, you can often distinguish and observe before the rest of the competing products,

Perhaps it can be combined in one way or another with the previous pattern, such as if the back is a specific pattern, and it has a white square or rectangle, in which the product information is in one or two colors.

05 – Darkness Design Style

This pattern began to spread from last year in abundance, especially in the user interfaces, and the main reason for this may be the direction of Apple in its new system, or those expectations that contemplate its arrival to the iOS as well. Simple and needs audacity in experiment and practice,

Aside from the user interfaces, its use has also spread or became famous some time ago in some other places, such as Instagram accounts, which I took as its own method or mode.

06 – Bold Numbers, Colors, and Capitals

This style is characterized by a wide area in one or two colors, large and broad and clear letters on it, or numbers that take the greatest focus in the artwork, and sometimes these numbers and letters are broken and their structures changed without affecting their clarity, perhaps it is difficult to express accurately this style because it is not the crowded style The number of elements in it is few, and although the feature of this design is clarity, the focus sometimes is on text, number or even form, perhaps they are not from the heart of the work,

At the same time, it is not a simple and very clear style like the second style for example, and in my opinion this style is generally suitable for Flyers, Posters and magazine covers and those designs that do not last and change every period.

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