what is Laser printing, how it works?


This technology of digital printing has excellent advantages. Lets you get bright prints that are resistant to light and water.


Laser print technology includes accurate and accurate package focus. This contributes to higher accuracy assignments.

Laser printing technology allows you to speed up the printer significantly. This is due to the rapid movement of the beam. Also, the laser printers print very quietly. This allows you not to be angry and distract others.

Also, laser printing technology includes the use of non-liquid ink and toner. Do not dry their filled cartridges. Its shelf life, as a rule, is a long one – up to three years. This allows for such a printer to transfer some interruptions quickly. For example, if the owner is leaving on a long trip, he will be smoothly going to work more after returning. Such interruptions are not possible in cases of jet devices.

As a rule, the laser is black and white printing technology. However, for enterprises, there are high-speed printers that output a color image.

Laser printing technology is a complex and neatly organized mechanism. The optical system and static electricity are used to create an invisible prototype for future electricity. After being “filled” with toner particles, the result is fixed to the paper.

To get started, the printer powers the charging column. This element contributes to the uniform surface coating of the cylinder using negatively charged particles. Next comes the printer console. With its help, the areas that make up the image themselves are defined on the surface of the image. These areas are illuminated by a laser beam, after which the negative charge from them disappears. Next comes the cylinder feed. It promotes the transfer of negative charge to the toner particles and transfers it to the development roller. After that, the particles pass under the dosing blade and are evenly distributed across the surface. Upon contact with the cylinder, the negatively charged ink fills those areas where there is no such charge. As a result of this process, the printer creates a visual image. It remains only to transfer everything to a sheet. Also, the image requires installation.

First, the printer feeds paper onto the transfer roller. Here take a positive charge. After touching the drum, the paper easily attracts the toner particles to itself. They drop onto a sheet due to static electricity, but it’s still loose. The final stage of the laser printing process is the passage of paper through a two-roll system. Someone heats the paper with the obtained images, and the second squeeze it tightly underneath, which helps the toner particles adhere well to the surface.

Some laser printers provide two-sided printing. This is an additional feature that allows you to apply an image on both sides of the paper sheet in automatic mode. As a result, the printing process becomes more economical, and the products – more diversified. For example, it can be greeting cards, informational brochures, student courses, etc.

The laser printer is ideal for a small office where invoicing and contract copying are needed as well as office documents.

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