working At home or in the office?


Whether you are a designer, a programmer, a web developer, or even a fan of one of them, regardless of
Opportunities to work in offices and companies and provide you with or without your love for them …
Conditions may put you to work at home, unlike my previous post about the advantages of self-employment
And since I have tried the two and I’m living the second now, I’m going to put you some bad deeds
Freely and specifically at home Of course now I will not talk about solutions or ways to organize your life
I will only limit myself to negatives …

There is no separation between work and your life !!

In my opinion, this is the most important and the biggest point where there is no separation, and any time may be the time to work ..
You may eat while you work, talk to one of your friends, or sit with your family
It will lose you focus on one thing, even at your most important family gathering and you get the most advice
A business phone will bring you everything, so you only care about the new problem that you encounter
Note: be sure that most of the phones that will come to you are new and important calamities or problems …
All of this and more will make you in a state of constant preparedness, confusion and alertness .. Frankly, this gravity comes
The point is the tension and anxiety that will dominate your life as a whole … where the word “organization” will be erased from your life.

Distracted hours !!

You wake up to start your work in the same place and continue all day in the same place and speak
With the same people, you use the same tools and do exactly what you do every day
There is no change but Mander, the routine will make your life boring and repetitive, and there is nothing new.

In the end !!

In the end, you may find a conflict between what you mentioned earlier in writing the features of self-employment
What I mention now … But each method has advantages and disadvantages, and these are some disadvantages
The basic thing that I found in freelance work and specifically inside the home … despite its many advantages

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